BOLDESTI - SCAIENI (Prahova county)

Prahova county – the clinic PF Herescu Emilia, DVM, head of the veterinarian board – Prahova County , contacts the county townhalls , submits and concludes contracts to render services of street dog management. The ‘dog management’ in this case means dog killing, all dogs that are caught are killed.

The dog pound this DVM runs does not meet the minimal requirements according to the law; dog capture and transport do not observe the provisions of law 227/2002. All these facts take place before authorities eyes, with their knowledge.

DSVSA Prahova was notified but found no infringement of law, i.e. the fact that all dogs are caught and killed.

In spite of the Law 9/2008, the town mayors of Prahova county: Valeni, Breaza, Banesti, Boldesti Scaieni, Sinaia, Campina, conclude contracts for rendering of services with PF Herescu Emilia (for 11 months, renewed at the expiry date), with clear purpose to get rid of street dogs, simple and comfortable in their acceptance. Moreover, there are statements of people who didn’t find in ms. DVM Herescu’s dogpound the dogs collected one day earlier, apparently this being one of the practices: the dogs are ‘lost’ on way to dogpound. A competent check of the papers should find the non-conformities between the number of collected dogs – hundreds of dogs – and the dogs entering the dogpound. DSVSA Prahova (the local sanitary veterinarian authority), in charge to make regular checks, never finds any irregularities.

People who attended the dog catching actions and visited the dogpound have different opinions. Here is an excerpt from a statement: “Tuesday, March the 17th, we visited the dogpound, and there were abt 20-30 dogs in every paddock. Tracks of large car, tractor or lorry, are visible, and we come upon a striking smell of formalin on the street between the cemetery and dogpound, and I don’t know what this smell could be. In front of the dogpound, a puppy runs scared. For a half an hour, while I took photos, the dog continued to run all over the place, and I left him running, as if he was traumatized.

Only 2-3 dogs are left in paddocks now, eartagged; I saw a dying dog lay down, who barely opened the eyes, then covered his eyes with paw. Rotting, mummified dog remains can be found in the surroundings of dogpound.

The photos are taken in & around the dogpound/shelter of Herescu family.